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Make Money Online in Pakistan Through Blogging and Freelancing - complete guide

As the title of this post is indicating the topic. People especially young generation in Pakistan is still unaware of Making Money Online. Though, this is becoming a very common controversial topic among IT related guys in Pakistan. But still there are confusions for people to take the first step. As internet users globally grow day by day and in Pakistan people and students are joining computer classes rapidly for last few years. A rapid growth was seen in the students of computer science in Pakistan in previous years. The reason is; students find it financially strong subject and has a number of related subjects in it. But still, many students including experienced computer and internet users are unaware of real methods about Making Money Online in Pakistan. This article covers the topic and its facts.

So why most of Pakistanis don’t understand about making money on the internet ?

In my view , there are actually couple factors , the firstly cause is ; largely Pakistani utilize net for enjoyment reasons for example for viewing songs , films and enjoying video games , even they normally use it largely for talking , Facebook etc to connect with others & create conversations with females . Therefore many of their valuable time is lost in ineffective fun-based activities .
The weaker English may be one more reason for this purpose . In Pakistan , a lot of students belong with middle class or even just lower class households ; who can’t pay for learning in great English medium schools/colleges . The schools/colleges these are learning in ; may not create their English more powerful , and according to my expertise , students don’t working hard to understand English in private institutes . A matriculation/intermediate completed student in Pakistan can’t compose an articles in English if we comparing India to Pakistan , the metric students could completely talk , study and create English with fluency in India . Thus , India is in advance compared to Pakistan in relation to Making Money On The Internet online .

To be pointed out that there is also a lot of best guys on the internet from Pakistan who earn a brilliant earnings on the web with their abilities like Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai of mybloggertricks .com , Abed Beli of beliscity .com , Rehan Allahwala of rehant .com , Syed Faizal Ali of mybloggerlab .com and also Arsalan Hassan of clip-bucket & tune .pk . You will discover lots of further awesome boys from Pakistan , which can be in some way an excellent sign for the country’s upcoming days . 

Is Earning Money Online Achievable in Pakistan ?

sure it is actually 100% correct , you may make profit online in case you have strong a few of the abilities like website designing abilities , website creation abilities , Search engine optimization Abilities , writing abilities , Powerful English . Generating income online is similar such as building cash offline , if you have capabilities & skill then you can certainly find work at any kind of office or if you have cash you can begin a small business in local world . The internet additionally needs the similar actions , when you have abilities then you can definitely change that into dollars . If you have cash then you can definitely begin online business . Thus all these things must be noted before thinking about making money , if today you don’t have any kind of abilities and then 1st begin to develop your abilities then enter into the ground . You can very easily understand everything cost free on the web .

Okay , Right now the genuine methods are following for making money on the internet in Pakistan :

#1. Blogging (with Advertisements)

It is the simplest way to make money on the internet , you just have to begin a blog/website and also work really hard into it , begin a blog/website on a subject by which you have got a solid hold , would mean you will have skills/knowledge within that subject , so that you can do the job perfectly . You can begin the website/blog with WordPress or Blogger . Showing advertising on your blog/site is among the simplest way to earn revenue on the internet in which you can utilize following advertisement sites :

    Google Adsense ( High Paying Google Adsense Keywords to boost Earnings )

Note : On your blog/site you may also provide items , solutions to the clients/visitors , so buyers could perfectly employ you through your site which enables you to offer you tasks or can purchase your product , in this way you’ll earn more income aside from ads . 

#2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing online is also a method to earn large money , with this technique you need to advertise other people/companies items so when somebody purchases the item , you are provided a commission that has been from 20% to 50% . You may also show affiliate ad banners on your site . Following web sites offers you to earn cash by advertising their items :

    Many many others

#3. Freelancing

It is the 3rd effective way to earn online , but it needs abilities by which you will have capability . Due to the fact on almost all free-lance sites you’ll need to perform expertly based on worldwide criteria . There are plenty of tasks awaiting you over these kind of freelancing sites , however you should be aware the needed abilities for the tasks . But , freelance sites pay you in time and also present you with complete chances . Following is the list of widely used free-lance programs :

Final Words 

From above options ; Blogging is among the most reliable method to make money on the internet . With the help of blogging you could monetize your articles with Google Adsense that is an excellent paying Pay per click publicity community and running okay for Pakistan people . Affiliate marketing online is also a method to make money with blogging , however with this you should need a good quantity of visitors from nations such as United States , United Kingdom and also Canada etc . And also freelancing is perfect for almost all specialists who understand to fix issues & produce outstanding things .


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