Thursday, 30 January 2014

Best Websites to Download Premium and Stylish Blogger Themes/ Templates

Nowadays in 2014 everyone who have some English writing experience they are starting their blogging career ,as all of you know that blogger is a platform that is providing every thing at free of cost and it's a major reason of it, every one want that their blog should look like unique and stylish but many of newbies fail to do that and they go for highly loaded and ugly blogger themes, many newbies still don't have much info about that from where they can download free stylish and high quality blogger templates, so friends if you are a newbie and still don't know much about where to download blogger templates then i am writing this post only for you so lets have a look at below list of websites from there you can download and install high quality blogger templates that are built by Pro Designers .

Top 5 Websites to Download Blogger Templates

Do you have a Good Website to Download Blogger Templates ?

Dear Friends if any know about best blogger templates downloading site, you can share with us and insha allah i will add it soon in my list thanks ... Happy Blogging.... :D

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

5 Best Easy Ways to Make Money Online from Home

Hi Friends today i am going to share easy ways for earning money online from siting at your home , for this whole thing you need to understand that many people are working hard to earn some money in their real life so like that way if you work hard on internet then you can earn a good amount of money without leaving your home , suppose if you are a employe then you daily need to go office or any thing else that you do in your real life and it's very difficult to do but if you work online then you can earn a good amount of money by doing only 3 to 4 hours work daily.

How to Make Money online ?

Dear Friends i know this question is raised in your mind and now i am going to erase it okay.

Make Money Online By Doing Forex Trading

Make Money online by doing forex trading is a very hard but if you follow my written article then i have sure you will easily learn it and you can start Forex Trading so give look at my article about Forex Trading

Make Money Online from Blogging / Teaching

Making money online by doing blogging is a very easy and achievable goal everyone who have good commond on english writing and speaking can done blogging easily you can learn it from many websites.

Make Money Online from Affiliates

Dear Friends it's an other high paying and difficult way to make money online in this way you need to promote others products then you can earn some commission from sellers.

Make Money Online Through Paid to Click ( PTC Sites )

This way is very good for newbies to make money online you only need to view advertisers websites to get paid .

Make Money Online by Doing Forum Posting 

Dear Friends it's very easy and high paying work and this work is very reliable then others if you have a good knowladge of english then you can earn easily from it here is only one paying forum that is trusted ,first you need to make 10 high quality posts then forum staff will check your writing skills then you could be approved for earning money .

Dear Friends if you like sharing then please share with your friends and family because they also need to make money online Thanks Happy Earning..... :D

Stop Searching for Download Free Premium Wordpress Themes

Nowadays every one is starting their blogging career and many newbies are facing probelms regarding Blog Design, if your have not a good look then you can not attract your visitors and also you can not become a Problogger , if you have not a good design you can waste your hardwork so friends i have to say all of you that Stop searching for Free Premium Wordpress Themes and Go to Buy a Unique and Well Styled WP theme for your lovely blog and i have sure with the help of lovely theme you can achieve at your goal very easily and you know Paid Wordpress themes built by Professional Designers and they are doing hardwork to makes daily new wordpress themes for their clients.

Friends below i am Sharing some very high trusted sites to buy themes from ........

#1. (MarketPlace)

#2. WooThemes .com

#3. (MarketPlace)



So My friends it's list for purchasing high quality Wordpress themes if you are facing any problem during theme buying feel free to comment below i will try my best to solve your problem.. Thanks

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Best Charities to Donate Cars / Clothes / School Bags and Money

Hi Friends ! Today i have seen some orphan children they were so cute and innocent and i asked from one of child that How all of you enjoying your life ? and she answered me " Brother we are poor and no any one is ready to help us and we all are near to die and we don't have to eat meal from last 3 days , me and my brother we both are orphan and brother you know we don't goes to school  because there is no school for poor children" , so my friends when i have listened these words from a 5 years old innocent girl i could not block tears from my eyes and i said to that child " Daughter don't worry God will help you and you can make your future soon ".

Find Best Charities to Donate 

So my friends i am not rich to donate them but i donate them some money that was enough for them and when i give them money i feel  wonderful, if you will do some donate in your city or if you have to donate charities to support them and build school for them and try to discover your local charity to donate money , Cars , Clothes , School Bags and many much that you want to donate them Thanks friend for reading this article and if you will donate someone then God give you much and much.  Thanks

Thursday, 9 January 2014

10 Best Places to Download & Listen Online Mp3 Music

Hello Friends! Hope you are good , today this is my 2nd post about 10 best places to download music for all kinds of Music Players so if you fond of Music and you want to download some good music for listening then you are at right spot, friends you know every person wants to hear lovely sounds and every one want to enjoy their life but due to many tensions, nowadays it's hard to listen music but if we listen music then i have sure you can remove your all tensions from your mind and if you will do some dance with music then i have sure you will feel awesome so friends below i am sharing 10 websites to download mp3 Music and if you want to listen online music then also i am sharing some websites for online music listening thanks.

10 Best Websites to Download MP3 Music Free

Free online Music Site

So friends these were sites for you and you know when i had to need listen music i always use because this site is really wonderful and you can make playlist of your songs too. 

Thanks Keep visiting for new upcoming sharing.

Download Facebook Mobile Apps easily via Mobile Phone

Hello Friends How are you ? Hope you are fine and enjoying the life , Today i have picked up a nice issue and i have solved it so friends when i wanted to use facebook in my mobile phone and i have downloaded facebook mobile app for my ipad easily and after i think to seach these keywords on google and i have found many keywords and you can see below i have copied for you.

Keywords for Facebook Mobile Apps 

download facebook app for android , download facebook app for ipad , download facebook messenger app , download facebook app for blackberry , download facebook app for java mobiles and download facebook apps for Symbian Mobiles

Best and Easy way to Download Facebook Mobile Apps

So my friends i want to say all of you that stop searching on google because it will waste your valuable time, if you want working facebook app for your mobile phone then you should go on  via your mobile phone and you can see facebook app download button when you press it then it will automatically installed on your device and it's all what i want to say you so friends enjoy this method for installing facebook mobile apps for you lovely cell phones Thanks.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Best Forex Trading Strategy & Start Forex Trading without Investment - Complete Guide

Hi Friends i was busy in my exams and now i am free so today is my first post after the exams and now i will tell you how to trade foreign currencies and make money from home, if you follow my rules and regulations i have sure that you will get 100% success in forex trading so first of  all you have make a discussion that Are you able to learn Forex trading? if your heart and your mind tell you that yes i will do it then it's best start for you.

Major Things in Forex Trading

Before Starting forex trading you need to learn these things because these will helps you alot Thanks.

1) Which is Best Broker and Which is Bad Broker? ( I will Explain it later...)
2) Which is best time to trade in Forex Market? ( I will Explain it later...)
3) Which are Best Pairs to trade ?( I will Explain it later...)
4) How to get Free Capital for Trading ? ( I will Explain it later...)
5) Which is Best analysis site for Forex trading? ( I will Explain it later...)
6) Which is Best Strategy for Trading ? ( I will Explain it later...)

Best Broker and Bad Broker for Forex Trading

There are many brokers that are providing good conditions for Forex trading and many brokers are providing bad conditions for Forex trading so how can you select a Good Broker? So i have some tips for you when you go to selecting a broker choose one who is most popular and check there about spreads and also check that it’s swap free or not, if your selected broker is giving you many offers then don't miss the offers and try to get more and more benefits from your trader so now come at point that which is a best broker , in my view i have used a lot of brokers in my life and i have noticed that Instaforex Broker is a Best Broker in World of Forex Trading because it’s helping newbies to come in forex trading and many newbies had got success in Forex trading through instaforex and i aslo got success in Forex Trading via Instaforex and Now a enjoying a happy healthy and wealthy life Thanks Instaforex.

Best Time to Trade Forex Trading

In Forex Trading there are 4 Markets in The world and all Brokers are connected with these 4 markets and below are which Markets in Forex Trading

1) Asian Market
2) Tokyo Market
3) London Market
4) USA Market 

So if you’r newbie then you should use London and USA Forex Market for Forex Trading .

Best Pairs for Trading

There are many Pairs in Forex market and you know the major pairs in Forex trading are EURUSD / USDGBP / USDJPY / EURJPY /GBPJPY / USDCHF / EURCAD, these pairs moves fast because they have daily news time Schedule and everyday market change the way and if you will learn market then you can earn a good amount of money from Forex trading .

Free Capital for Forex Trading

Dear if you are poor and you could not afford to invest in Forex trading then Instaforex is brilliant for you because it has some forums and Instaforex is paying you per post in his forum and you can make a monthly 250$ capital  working in one month so now below i am sharing a best forum with you .

Indian Forex Forum

Best Sites for analysis Forex Market

Dear Forex trading is a worlds Major Business and you know in every business you need to do some analysis and if you have good skills of analysis then you can earn easily from Forex trading so below i am sharing with you some best websites to do right analysis


So friends these are major sites for analysis Forex trading market and now we have to focus a  huge and very important part of Forex trading that we call Forex Trading Strategy .

Best Forex Trading Strategy

Dear friends this is a important part of Learning Forex trading so these my last words for you that if you have a Good strategy then you can learn Forex trading market easily and with the  help of strategy you can make a Good amount of money so if any one don't have a good strategy then  i have a brilliant strategy for you if you have need of it then you can contact me on my cell no and you can also comment below your details we will contact you soon......