Saturday, 11 January 2014

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Best Charities to Donate Cars / Clothes / School Bags and Money

Hi Friends ! Today i have seen some orphan children they were so cute and innocent and i asked from one of child that How all of you enjoying your life ? and she answered me " Brother we are poor and no any one is ready to help us and we all are near to die and we don't have to eat meal from last 3 days , me and my brother we both are orphan and brother you know we don't goes to school  because there is no school for poor children" , so my friends when i have listened these words from a 5 years old innocent girl i could not block tears from my eyes and i said to that child " Daughter don't worry God will help you and you can make your future soon ".

Find Best Charities to Donate 

So my friends i am not rich to donate them but i donate them some money that was enough for them and when i give them money i feel  wonderful, if you will do some donate in your city or if you have to donate charities to support them and build school for them and try to discover your local charity to donate money , Cars , Clothes , School Bags and many much that you want to donate them Thanks friend for reading this article and if you will donate someone then God give you much and much.  Thanks


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