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Going to Change Domain Name - Complete Guide

Are you going to change the url of your website of your blog site? Before you buy your domain name altered or re-branded, read this post to get some important tips which will help you in getting the traffic, readers and ranking to new domain. Typically, people change their blog's domain for a few reasons. In blogger, people start blogs with. blogspot. com sub domain and once they came to find out that blogging will probably be their profession, they get significant in blogging and thinking about to get top level url of your website for their weblogs. No matter which reason you have, this post is good for all who are changing url of your website but one thing which can be most important and you will need that could be the control panel of the old domain.
Areas tips for you which definitely will help you alot. Read the passages carefully to get the point.

First Inform your Readers

So, Firstly you've to tell your fans, readers, visitors or users that you will change the domain name to shouldn't worry if the site is no longer working or what. Also ask any visitors for suggesting new name for ones blog. You can certainly inform your readers by posting about Facebook Page, Tweeting on Twitter or maybe you can send email in your email subscribers. By this your readers will likely be in attention and you will also get a quality name suggestions.

Copy Your Complete Website

So, This is also essential that you should backup your entire blog so that in case any big issue occurs then you can have backup of the blog for basic safety. Mostly, this doesn't eventually anyone but having this could really save your time and efforts.

Choosing Best Web hosting Service

Now it's time to choose the best web web host service. Best internet hosting service is that service which can be best for you. How best? It can be cheapest or affordable available for you, it must get easy payment methods which may appropriate with you, it's server does not down, great dwell chat support or even 24x7 support. These are many things which a internet hosting service must have in order that you may not get involved trouble in foreseeable future.

Changing The Website

So, It's time for you to change the url of your website. Before you change the domain make certain that above tips you have done so you have chosen a great name for your website. Best web hosting service is also important so signup your domain on any internet hosting service which works for you. Then place the new domain on your website or setup your domain on your own blog.

Redirect Your Old Domain to New Domain [Most Important]

Thus, This one is an important to redirect ones old domain for you to new domain. By this you'll continue getting traffic even though you've changed the particular domain. No matter from your location getting traffic when someone will open up your old URL it'll be redirected to a new URL. This will also help you to get the alexa rank and Google Page rank back to brand-new domain. But you will need to wait few days and it in addition needs hard work. In order to acquire Alexa ranking and Google PR back you must check that ones redirect is doing work fine.

Redirect yourdomain. com to www. yourdomain. com

That is also important because almost all of people use to publish only yourdomain. com is the browser in case your redirect seriously isn't enabled then it does not redirect they you could loose that guest. You can effortlessly redirect it by contacting your internet hosting service or from where you've gotten the domain. If you utilize Blogger then you can actually redirect to by using Settings >> Essential >> Edit (On Domain) >> Tick mark (redirect yourdomain. com for you to www. yourdomain. com) and hit save button.

Publish Post About A new Domain

Now it's time for you to tell your readers that you have successfully changed the url of your website. Write a report that why you changed the url of your website? what was the particular fault in old url of your website? how you changed the url of your website? or whatever it may be. I just want to say that create a post that needs to be perfect from every side and it also must have a quality content which should be worth reading. Additionally categorize that write-up in news or even announcements category.

Re-Submit Sitemap to Google [Personal Experienced]

Now it is best to submit the sitemap again using your new domain. Guarantee that you're using a similar webmaster tools consideration which you've utilised in old domain. Don't get rid of the old sitemap, remain it as it is. Just all over again submit sitemap for you to Google from brand-new domain. Before distributing the sitemap, once again make certain that your redirecting for you to new domain will be working fine. Right now submit it. You must be thinking which Google might contemplate your blog's articles as copied articles. But no technique, Google is intelligent. He will make sure that both blog's seller is same or one person then he will make sure that redirection is also enabled. Now after that he do? He can just replace the particular old domain's google search to new domain. But this will require about 1 or 2 months to full.

Re-Submit Sitemap  to Bing and Yahoo

For Bing and Yahoo, you will have to completely remove the particular old domain from Bing and yahoo webmaster tools then again submit it together with new domain and also verify your brand-new domain/blog/site. Now you must wait about 1 or 2 months to get it indexed. After your website is completely indexed with new domain then you will start traffic generation.

Continue Publishing Articles and Increasing Back-links

So, All the task is done. It's simple to continue publishing new posts and also working with ones backlinks. This will help you get your blog site completely re-indexed effortlessly and quickly. Your readers love your content so stay offering unique content.

Last Words

So pals, It was the experience which I've distributed to you. I hope this particular little long write-up in gonna allow you to a lot. If you're facing any trouble then just abandon your comments down below and let's deal with that issue. Stay linked with us for more and also subscribe us. Happy Blogging!


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