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Best Alternatives for Google Glass

Google glass is making waves from the computer technology these days. If you haven't heard of this specific new computer technologies, Google glass is a high tech wearable computer glass that accompany a mounted optical display to watch video, take pictures and surf the net. Some find this specific a marvelous technology to work with but it is possible to others who are searching for some alternatives to be able to Google glass. Given that the Google glass is sold with a hooping $1500, you'll certainly be serious on these leading 5 alternatives to be able to Google glass that come close to their technology but that has a more affordable selling price.

Telepathy One

This piece of technology gadget is very futuristic and modern. It has a stylish design with their Japanese developer having the idea of providing for a glass that accompany a projection display unit which will make social interaction more enjoyable and convenient together with netspysoftware. You can take photos using your Telepathy glass, take videos and connect with the internet wirelessly. Additionally it is comes with a Bluetooth that allows the user to plug the glass for their Smartphones. An interesting element of Telepathy The first is its 5 inches virtual display in which video and photographs are superimposed within the glass to appear upon your face.

Vergence Labs’ Epiphany Wear

The Epiphany eyewear includes a mini-computer feature which is optimized with 10 processing cores, on board storage space and 720pm HI-DEF camera to bite photos directly in the eyewear. You could also watch video streams once you connect the eyewear for your Internet enabled Smartphone. Vergence Labs’ Epiphany eyewear is just about the best Google glass alternatives that has a design of a stylish shade that cannot be suspected to be power set with computer features. The glass on the other hand does not include a display.

Recon Jet

If you are searching for a sporty look at a glass wear, Recon Jet comes strongly recommended. It is most suited for active people that love sports and the outdoors. The glass comes polarized, looks rugged and incredibly lightweight. Powered by simply Android 4. 3, this sporty glass includes a dual core brand. You can furthermore take photos and videos having a HD camera. Have fun with this stylish hunting glass, you need to shell out a hefty $599.

A glass Up

Glass Up takes a different approach with designing the features readily available for their glass. As opposed to the Google glass, it does n't have a camera. Its feature is only limited to viewing texts and emails, obtaining directions, translation and other features that you can get from the apps that are installed on ones Smartphone. Its field view is at the center when compared with other glasses that are displayed at the top right of a person's eye wear’s field involving vision. It is usually a cheaper replacement for Google glass at a price of $399 just.

Innovega iOptic Contacts

This Google glass alternative provides you with a unique way of enjoying the virtual world utilizing a contact lens. The technology was funded because of the National Science Footing and Defense Advanced Studies Agency to design an innovative computer technology embedded using a contact lens with an overlay generated images at a computer. The contact lenses are created from the copyrighted iOptik technology that accompany a natural based eye wear podium.


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