Monday, 31 March 2014

Add Paypal Donation Button to your Blogger Blog

If you are running a blog or website have huge number of contents then adding Paypal Donation button to your blog will brings more benefits for you because if your site getting huge number of visitors then by adding this paypal button you can get some donation for your hard work that you have done already by adding contents so if you have a site about some free things like cracked tools, free wordpress themes or some working methods of earning online , once a visitor will find your site and gets some benefits from your site then he/she will think about your hardwork and if you have done really hardwork into blog or website creating and sharing, when he/she feel some special about your blog , they can  Donate you some money that will be much for you okay friends now lets start adding Paypal Donation Button to your blogger blog in just mints ....

Simple Way to Add Paypal Donation button in your Side bar or Footer

1. Get yourself a PayPal account if you don't already have one 

2. Login to your PayPal account 

3. Click on the Merchant Services tab .

4.After Click On Donations Text link

5. Chose Your Button From Choose A Button Type Drop Down Menu.

6. Write Your Company or Organization Name.

7. write Donation ID IF Available.

8. Stick with the default button unless you wish to customize it.

9. Choose your currency depending on your needs.

So Friends it's all about how we can add paypal donation button in blog and i think it's not a big problem to follow these 9 instructions so keep visiting blogger blog tricks for more and keep remember me in your lovely moments , always share my blog to your friends ...... cheer!! 


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