Friday, 6 September 2013

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Withdraw Money from Payza in Pakistan using your Visa Card

Previously Payza provided the service to pull away money using charge card or check. But then in the beginning of 2012 Payza launched its prepaid debit card. After that it closed all others ways of extracting money except bank wire and the debit card. If you would like withdraw money with all the bank wire compared to your account should be verified. But in spite of this to verify your account you are unable to use credit card or check alternative. The only option you are left with is with your local bank account to verify your current Payza account. Only after that you'll be able to withdraw money with all the bank wire assistance. The other option is with the prepaid debit card to manufacture a withdrawal.

In order to deposit money in your local bank account it is advisable to login into your own account. After that click on deposit money and enter how much cash that you desire to deposit. Now click on the next button. After that within the next payment your standard bank name and address will likely be shown. You should pay 20 dollars with this transaction and it should take 4 to 5 business days before the purchase is complete. In this method your account will likely be verified and will also be able to make use of the bank wire services.

There is another approach to verify your account which easier and free way too. You can authenticate your account using some authentic documents. For example you should use your CNIC card plus a utility bill to help verify your accounts. The name along with address on both the documents should end up being same and don’t forget about to scan both the sides of your own CNIC. After scanning your own authentic documents you'll be ready the account confirmation process. Start by adding your documents for the Payza support web page. After that click on my account support then check for my account verification question. You need to become patient because it should take four to five business days before the purchase is complete.

The best and the most effective way to withdraw money from your Payza account using Payza prepaid debit cards. For this purpose firstly know that there are $20 as part of your account. After that open up your account and click the link for ordering the actual debit card. You'll need a photo ID then one other document to help verify your deal with. When prompted to upload an image ID use your own CNIC card provided by the government when prompted to authenticate your address post a scan of merely one of your bills. This is all you have to for your Payza debit cards. It can take 30 to 60 days one which just receive your debit cards in Pakistan. So be patient however.

Utilize your ATM Debit Cards to Withdraw Payza money in Pakistan

When you open a Bank account in Pakistan with Standard Chartered or perhaps UBL (United Bank), supplies an ATM Cards for withdrawing your cash using your credit card. That card additionally works for online transactions identical to Visa Debit Cards. So if you've got an account on UBL or SCB then just call the actual help line in addition to activate your credit card for online use. Now come back to your Payza Accounts >> Verification page and verify your own ATM Visa Debit Cards, when it is actually verified, Payza will deduct $3 or $4 from a card just for checking purpose. So you must have some rupees in your bank account. That amount is going to be yours in your own Payza account. Which means this way, Payza will confirm your Debit Card after which it you’ll manage to transfer your Payza funds for a ATM Visa Debit Cards. This is a thing really easy which can be done by anyone having a Bank account in Pakistan.


  1. Payza account ALI ke name per he and Bank Acconut Asif ke name per, to kia hum payout kera sekty han? i mean payza and bank account ki ownership same honi must he? ya ni? Thanks

  2. sir payza account erified National Bank Sa verified ho sakta ha aur NBP cash card ay cash withdray hoskskata ha help me